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快速浏览一下在南网赌网址的大学,你会很找到一些 令人印象深刻的数字。南网赌网址是一组选定的大学获得的一个 卡内基顶级指定在研究活动和社区参与。 根据国家出版物像吉普林INC。,福布斯和美国新闻 世界报告,我们的节目叠起来反对最佳在全国和周围的 世界。 

  • Top 3 in the nation for number of African-American graduates
  • nations best first-year experience
  • A Best Value in Public Colleges as rated by Kiplinger's and Forbes
  • Only University awarding a designation for graduating with Leadership Distinction
  • No. 1 Undergraduate 国际业务 Program
  • Top-tier designation for 研究 and Community Engagement from the Carnegie Foundation.
  • 300 undergraduate degree programs
  • a top producer of us fulbright students
  • Top 10% public university graduation rate
  • state leader: 56 nationally ranked academic programs
  • No. 1 Public University Honors College
  • 100 Health Science degree programs
  • No. 1 International MBA
  • 12 top 25 graduate programs
  • Infographic: #1 Ph.D. Program in 运动科学 by the National Academy for Kinesiology